Schizophrenic Scrapping Style

Do you have a certain signature look to your layouts?

Do you have that colour scheme, that layering or mixed media technique that screams “Me”?

That “look” on Pinterest that means you can spot one of your layouts from a mile off?

I sadly don’t have a style and I really want one. I’m envious of people who do have a style. I’d love people to say…”Thats one of Andreas pages”.

Someone once said to me, “Your style will develop over time”. Well, it’s been nine years now that I’ve been scrapping so maybe it’s just not going to happen.

I tend to fall into three main scrappy styles:

  1. The Layered Look
  2. The Grid
  3. The Traditional

This my friends, as you can see is “The Layered Look”. Modern, whimsical and you can have loads of fun getting messy with mixed media….I usually team girly papers with a white background…my “Go to” and favourite look. However it’s a trend that everyone seems to be following right now.

Next up, “The Grid…..”

Easy to rustle up, looks fab with rubbish photos…goes with any paper. Looks super cool using one or two colours.

Finally, “The Traditional”…..great for loads of photos of the same event so you can make double page spreads and maintain continuity. I actually find this the most old fashioned and “Busy” of my three types (in a clashing carpet and curtains kind of way) and as somewhat of a minimalist, I struggle with this look, but it is an economic way of scrapping and gets the job

I’m always happy having those photos scrapped and the memories and stories recorded but it doesn’t necessarily give me the scrappy satisfaction of getting messy that I crave. This style of layout is good if you’re lacking in mojo and just want to follow a sketch. The pages are balanced well and there’s little thought process required which is handy at times when you want to scrap and watch TV ha!

I’d really like to commit to a style…but which one?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and know which category you fall into.



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