My Happy Place



Using the Felicity Jane Caroline Kit I made a simple layout of me Kayaking in the state park where I live. It was such a bright sunny day and the water was like glass. The only problem was that I don’t have many papers that are bright blue so I improvised by using watercolor paints, stenciling with gesso and stamping with blue inks to create a modern look to the page. I hope you like it.


We’ve had our fair share of troubles in the UK recently and the next layout was my way of dealing with the emotions that I felt after the Manchester attacks at the Ariana Grande concert. There’s quite a bit of hidden journalling tucked away, but I believe that scrap therapy is certainly something I’m exploring more and more.



My third layout was of Alice’s left hand. Weird?…maybe. But I just love that little chubby little left hand. She’s growing up so fast and I don’t want to forget how she always holds my hand whenever we’re out. How wonderfully she writes and how gifted she is at drawing and painting. That little hand can play the viola and fly over the computer keyboard. It’s always stroking and holding the cats, crafting, making accessories and doing handstands and cartwheels. I just wanted to photograph that little left hand whist it was still for once. Alice had strep throat and was snoozing hence the title “Life’s Lemons”


I’ve been struggling to post regularly this last month as Sean’s been sick too so I’m hoping to share my layouts a little more regularly now.




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