Happy Days


This is my all time favourite kit….Happy Days by Suse Fish. Designed by a fellow Brit highlighting some very British things, like cups of tea, gingham checked table cloth paper, strawberries and cupcakes to name a few. I’ve really had my monies worth out of it.

Last week I dug out my old Singer that I purchased for £7 from a car boot sale in England, re-threaded it and sewed on my layouts. It felt good to dig it out of the box and clean it up…it travelled well.

Firstly, let me apologies for the greeny blue tinge of my photos – they don’t look like that in flesh so I’m not sure what’s happened here! The top grid layout was a quick one and I wanted it to look like a picnic blanket/quilt…which I thought was very fitting for a layout with Gran.

The second lower layout was so much fun to make and I love it even though the photo is a little grainy. It captures the first time that Alice held a butterfly at a neighbours BBQ this summer.

Now the kids are back at school I want to get back into my scrappy routine and get my craft on.





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