I don’t know about you but sometimes I can only sneak about half an hour to scrap a layout in peace before the kids come home and my peace is shattered. This is one of those half an hour layouts. I tend to punch out some shapes, throw them on in a loose arrangement and journal on the back. Rough and ready but the photo is now scrapped and the memory preserved, meanwhile I’ve satisfied my creative itch for the day. I find its best not to think too much and “Just do it”.
This photo means so much to me I had to scrap it, even though it is over exposed. It was taken at my mother in laws house in the UK a month before we moved out here to Massachusetts (about 2 years ago) so when I was shown it on Granny’s camera roll recently I had to print it off. The kids each planted a tree each in grandmas garden so when we moved she could have something to remember them by. It was a fab way to mark the occasion and I love looking at them now and seeing how much their faces have changed.


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