True to her Siamese nature, Sophie loves to chat to us. Her favourite word is “Hi” whenever you say it to her. 

Today I used Felicity Jane scraps and a few mist splatters to create the layout. I love how the sea foam paper and paint highlight her eyes. 

Have a fab weekend!



Schizophrenic Scrapping Style

Do you have a certain signature look to your layouts?

Do you have that colour scheme, that layering or mixed media technique that screams “Me”?

That “look” on Pinterest that means you can spot one of your layouts from a mile off?

I sadly don’t have a style and I really want one. I’m envious of people who do have a style. I’d love people to say…”Thats one of Andreas pages”.

Someone once said to me, “Your style will develop over time”. Well, it’s been nine years now that I’ve been scrapping so maybe it’s just not going to happen.

I tend to fall into three main scrappy styles:

  1. The Layered Look
  2. The Grid
  3. The Traditional

This my friends, as you can see is “The Layered Look”. Modern, whimsical and you can have loads of fun getting messy with mixed media….I usually team girly papers with a white background…my “Go to” and favourite look. However it’s a trend that everyone seems to be following right now.

Next up, “The Grid…..”

Easy to rustle up, looks fab with rubbish photos…goes with any paper. Looks super cool using one or two colours.

Finally, “The Traditional”…..great for loads of photos of the same event so you can make double page spreads and maintain continuity. I actually find this the most old fashioned and “Busy” of my three types (in a clashing carpet and curtains kind of way) and as somewhat of a minimalist, I struggle with this look, but it is an economic way of scrapping and gets the job

I’m always happy having those photos scrapped and the memories and stories recorded but it doesn’t necessarily give me the scrappy satisfaction of getting messy that I crave. This style of layout is good if you’re lacking in mojo and just want to follow a sketch. The pages are balanced well and there’s little thought process required which is handy at times when you want to scrap and watch TV ha!

I’d really like to commit to a style…but which one?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and know which category you fall into.


Summer Holidays

We are officially in week 8 of our school holidays and I can honestly say it's been fun, lazy mornings, playing outside, camps, travelling to see family and friends, and spending time working on our own projects. School holidays get easier as the kids get older and there's less need to over organise, you can just go with the flow.

This can leave us scrapers with a problem. How is it best to document all these random activities?

My answer is to take the odd photograph and enjoy the moment.

Whilst this can lead to a disjointed project life spread, less full page layouts and even slipping behind, it really doesn't matter. I've the perfect solution…digital scrapping.

Using the Project Life app I've documented in 'real time' and captured the story, no fuss. In fact I'm so thrilled with the overall cleanness of the pages in my 12×12 album I'm going to go back 15 weeks and redo the spreads from my album in this format. Ok, please pick your jaws up from the ground. I know this is drastic, but it really won't take me long as I've already done the journaling and decided what photos to use. Also I can bob out about 5 pages in the morning before the kids wake up. It may take me a week to complete this but in my opinion it will be worth it. The fun bit will be adding journaling and embellishments onto the photographs and layouts to add dimension once they arrive.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and happy scrapping!


Fun And GamesĀ 

All things pink this week – coffee cup, layout, scrap bin and instax. All the girly vibes. It’s unusual for me to tolerate any colours I like things black and white, Too much time with Alice and her mates maybe….but these pretty pinks and pastel tones are making me very happy.  

Scrap kit from Felicity Jane – “Kate”


Hello Sunshine

Do you ever take photographs to match your embellishments? I have!! 

I bought this cute little kit from Paper Issues for only $9.99 called “I love Pina Colada”. I only used about one third of it in this layout and I can’t wait to use the other cards in my pocket pages. 

When I saw the flamingo inflatable at Target my thoughts went to this kit immediately. 

Every year Alice stakes her claim and declares she’s going to be “First In the pool” in June she was. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have the pool open again enjoying the sunshine. Before long we were all in there playing basketball and having fun. We are truly blessed. 

List of products:

  1. Felicity Jane – Felicity paper
  2. Felicity Jane – Next Stop
  3. Recollections Flamingo acetate
  4. Paper Issues – March Grab It kit 
  5. Maggie Holmes – Bloom title stickers
  6. Carpe Diem – Posh word stickers


My Happy Place



Using the Felicity Jane Caroline Kit I made a simple layout of me Kayaking in the state park where I live. It was such a bright sunny day and the water was like glass. The only problem was that I don’t have many papers that are bright blue so I improvised by using watercolor paints, stenciling with gesso and stamping with blue inks to create a modern look to the page. I hope you like it.


We’ve had our fair share of troubles in the UK recently and the next layout was my way of dealing with the emotions that I felt after the Manchester attacks at the Ariana Grande concert. There’s quite a bit of hidden journalling tucked away, but I believe that scrap therapy is certainly something I’m exploring more and more.



My third layout was of Alice’s left hand. Weird?…maybe. But I just love that little chubby little left hand. She’s growing up so fast and I don’t want to forget how she always holds my hand whenever we’re out. How wonderfully she writes and how gifted she is at drawing and painting. That little hand can play the viola and fly over the computer keyboard. It’s always stroking and holding the cats, crafting, making accessories and doing handstands and cartwheels. I just wanted to photograph that little left hand whist it was still for once. Alice had strep throat and was snoozing hence the title “Life’s Lemons”


I’ve been struggling to post regularly this last month as Sean’s been sick too so I’m hoping to share my layouts a little more regularly now.